New Products

  • Magia 50

    Outdoor staircase - Diameter: 110, 130 or 150 cm. The Ma ...

    Magia 50

    Online Price: £939.55

  • Magia 70

    Spiral staircase - Diameter: 110, 130 and 150 cm. The Mag ...

    Magia 70

    Online Price: £1,148.55

  • Magia 90

    Tread width: 70, 80 or 90 cm. Various tread depths availa ...

    Magia 90

    Online Price: £1,305.30

  • Pixima Steel

    Pixima Steel spiral staircase – Diameter: 120, 140 and ...

    Pixima Steel

    Online Price: £711.55

At Fontanot Shop you will find a vast selection of modern, stairs online. Our products include interior and exterior staircases with a touch of Italian design at an affordable price. Our ready to assemble DIY stairs fit every home and can be fitted in just a couple of days. Browse our portfolio online and select the stair that fits in with your surroundings. With a variety of models of kit DIY staircases, ranging from steel and metal to and custom made options with glass and beyond- we are sure you will find something to meet your requirements. We also have matching accessories to compliment your new staircase, all at a cost to suit every budget.