Techne stairs: Fontanot showpiece for Fuorisalone Milan 2014

Apr 4, 2014 by         Posted under: Interior design, Spiral Staircase

techne_skin_01_5Techne staircase is the flagship of Fontanot collection. It truly represents the company’s philosopy and the concepts of modern functionality and design. For these reasons, it will be on show at Fuorisalone Milan 2014, during the event “Romeo & Juliet 2.0, a bit of contemporary love” (Thursday, 10th April 2014, 6pm at Presso, via Sarpi 60).

Techne staircase looks into the future, and somehow it already contains the future, thanks to the innovative use of materials and the involvement of the latest technologies: Fontanot’s Techne is indeed the first staircase in the world produced entirely in technopolymer (reinforced with fibreglass) and freestanding.

Thanks to the Augmented Reality tool Techne Stairs AR (free on Apple Store) it is possible to screen on your tablet the 3D Techne staircase that best fits in your space; moreover, the online configurator available on Fontanot’s website allows you to design your staircase easily and effectively: its size, its orientation, its height.

techneskin_image_gallery43-300x233The stair, a functional element and piece of furnishing, has always given creative ideas to designers, who recently have been able to take advantage of the latest technologies to experiment new solutions. With Techne, the creative talent joined the decennial experience of Fontanot family.

This praise of modernity is also accompanied by the versatility of Techne, a staircase suitable both indoor and outdoor. In fact, a special treatment makes it resistant to UV rays and weathering over time.

technelinear_image_gallery76-300x230Techne will be presented at Fuorisalone Milan 2014 in its versions Techne Linear Green, Techne Linear Red, Techne Skin (baluster is wrapped with a nylon sheet) and Techne Skin Flowers (the nylon sheet on the baluster has floral patterns).