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  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot
  • Pixima Long Line Fontanot

Pixima Long Line

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Modular stairs – Tread width: 65, 75, 80 and 90 cm. Featuring adjustable tread rise and depth, the Pixima Long Line staircase can be perfectly adapted to your home interior. You can also choose between models with 14, 15, 16 or 17 risers (ranging from 225 cm to 373 cm) and between two finishes for the steps and frame.
The steps are made out of quality solid beech which, complemented by the chrome or white railings, create a contemporary open effect, adding a touch of Italian elegance to any room. The railings are composed of vertical steel balusters and stainless steel cables which can be crossed in 5 different ways to create the decorative effect you desire.
You can design your perfect staircase on Fontanot Shop as well as order supplementary risers, balustrades and other spare stair parts.

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Long Line is adjustable in terms of height, going and rotation during installation.
This, along with maximum adaptability to the stair well, allows rectilinear configurations with one or two curves. The treads are made with light (natural) or dark tinted, solid beech. The wood effect handrail is made out of PVC with an aluminium core and is available in dark or light colours to match the shade of the treads.
The metal components are varnished in chrome or white colours (RAL 9010) according to the colour of the framework.
The fixings are chrome coloured for the chrome staircase and chrome for the white staircase.
The railing is composed of varnished steel balusters and stainless steel cables which can be crossed in 5 different patterns. The staircase consists of 12 treads for 13 risers and a railing on the internal side.
The going is adjustable from 18 to 22 cm (for the treads of 65 and 75 cm) and from 22 to 26 cm (for the treads of 80 and 90 cm). The rise is adjustable from 17 to 23.5 cm.
By purchasing one or more supplementary risers, the height of the staircase can reach 373 cm.
To create “made-to-measure” configurations, it is possible to order supplementary rises, external railings and balustrades.
Use Internal
Measures 65 - 75 - 80 - 90
Finishing Steel painted
Material Wood - Steel
Wood's Essences Solid beech
Wood colors Light - Dark
Metal Color Chrome - White
Baluster Is created with varnished steel balusters and stainless steel cables.
Handrail PVC wood effect with aluminum core

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Do I need to comply with building regulations?

All spiral staircases whether new or replacement need to comply with the UK building regulations - there are also special requirements for Spiral Stairs and Space Saver stairs which are detailed in BS5395-2, the British Standard which applies to staircases of this type, BS5395-2 is referred to in building regulations as the general standard for spiral staircases and helical stairs. For expert and impartial advice email us at technical@spiralstairs-direct.co.uk, or give us a call on 0121 351 1533 and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced UK technical team members.

Spiral Staircase Dimensions under Building Regs BS5395-2

One aspect of UK building regulations is that it refers to British Standard BS5395-2 for most aspects of spiral staircase dimensions. 

Generally the two key tread dimensions are: 
Clear tread width - measured between the INSIDE of the handrail and the centre column - this should be a MINIMUM of 600mm
Tread riser height - this should be a MAXIMUM of 220mm to meet UK building regulations. Generally if you divide the total finished floor to finished floor height of your room (NOT floor to ceiling!) by 220mm this will give you the minimum number of risers in your staircase to meet building regs. If the result is not a whole number then you need to adjust to the next whole number above - e.g. if the result is 13.5 risers, you actually need 14 risers.
Please note most spiral staircases with height adjustment will have a quoted range of adjustment up to 230mm per riser - if you need to use a riser height above 220mm for any reason then we suggest you first contact your building control department for clearance.

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