During restoration work on your house, you might find yourself asking this question: Should I use a concrete staircase or a prefabricated one?

It mostly depends on the size of the environment, but there are some advantages that the prefabricated stairs like Fontanot have over concrete staircases.


Installing a concrete staircase in an apartment has three necessary phases:
- the filling of concrete,
- the coating
- carrying out the railing.



With the Fontanot prefabricated stairs everything becomes very easy. Once sizes have been established, the stairs made to your measurements will be available within a week, while those for the do-it-yourself may be purchased and installed during a single day.

The price of the concrete staircases for interior uses, adding the demands of suppliers that must be involved in all three phases of stair development, is equal if not greater than a prefabricated Fontanot staircase. The Fontanot prefabricated stairs, are also made to enhance any kind of furnishing, because they are developed according to the modern conception of design, combining functionality and style for an element that gives apartments, lofts and small studios personal elegance a for professionals. The Fontanot prefabricated stairs for interiors are made with wood, iron, steel, and other highly recyclable materials, which is obviously not possible for concrete stairs. The conclusion: Interior stairs that harmonize with the furnishing, are easy to assemble and made with recyclable materials, so Fontanot prefabricated stairs are better than concrete ones.