Fashion, art and design. What do these three things have in common? Everything! Fashion isn’t only about shoes, art not just about paintings and exciting design not just about being practical but also about Fashion.


The mix of these three realities created incredible dreamy palaces and architectural masterpieces. The staircases have become protagonists; this functional piece becomes a “work of art”, a sort of way to carry your high heels, your beautiful outfits and incredible handbags!


Here are some examples of the "fashion staircases," from Paris to New York, passing through Rome. Valentino store in Beverly Hills





A simple wood-staircase built up with elegance thanks to the studied lights and the type of wood used, the sinuous curve seems to reproduce the gowns from the movie "The Last Emperor".

Armani Store Concept New York



ortex, totally white, hardly qualifies as a geometric figure, is the only element that linked the three floors of the Armani Store of New York entirely designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.

London Fornarina Store

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Movement, space and transparency are what defined the staircase from Fornarina store in London, created and designed by Giorgio Borusso. The blue and white leds lights feed this atmosphere of "spacecraft".


Plasma Louis Vuitton Stairs in Rome



A mix of colors and patterns is what define Louis Vuitton Store’s staircase in Rome. The plasma stairs take visitors into the impressive world of Louis Vuitton, reproducing the iconic prints of the French company on every step.

The stairs have become protagonists also in the fashion industry. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, a fashion avant-gardist, already knew about it. The staircase of her apartment at 31, Rue Cambone in Paris is a perfect mix of what should be a Fashion lady, in three words: elegance, luxury and simplicity.