Company Profile

"Sometimes the frenetic rhythm with which we live our lives prevents us from stopping to reflect on the past.

Analysing the industrial world, it seems evident that, because of its extended and continuously-evolving nature, it lends itself to the rapid cancellation of the present by the past.

Starting from these reflections, I decided to tell our story, which is so important that it should not be left only in the memories of individuals, because of the risk that it will be lost. Our story should be shared with all those who are a part of it. And so was born this publication, enriched with photographs seen with “a new eye and a new soul”, unusual images which can “catch” the reality of the company.

All of this also represents a tangible “thank-you” to and heartfelt recognition of all those who have contributed to making Albini & Fontanot what it is today: an industry for staircases."

Kind Regards,
Laura Fontanot


In addition to the use of sophisticated pantographs and software, there is the great care taken in satisfying aesthetic requirements, as well as the consideration of the quality of the raw materials and the technical perfection of the product. High standards are the distinctive element which defines the Albini & Fontanot’s production philosophy.

Albini & Fontanot has always worked with the aim of continuously evolving to position itself as a point of reference for the supply of technological and engineering solutions to meet all the needs of the market and to conform with any specifications. All this is possible thanks to a policy of global transformation of the company system and total control of all of the phases of a project and of the production process.
Customer Satisfaction

The Mission, the objective of Albini & Fontanot, is Client Satisfaction. This is the starting point for any project. The point of arrival is the production and marketing of products, systems and services of high qualitative and innovative value, thanks to the use of evolved organisational models.

History, Identity and Values

Albini & Fontanot has a long history to relate. From roots which go back to long-ago 1947, up to the present day, with the reality of our heritage which is clearly-modelled by the passion for innovation.

The origins

In 1947, in Rimini, the Albini brothers founded a small company for woodworking and for the production of staircases and rungs. Their workshop, which was located in the city, employed six people and served a local clientele. In 1960, the arrival of Albino’s son, brought about a first impulse for the life of the company.

The birth

The first years of the 1970’s represented years of change for the company. This was the period in which, in the wake of the changes in wider industry, the equation modernity=market=competition, was substantiated for the furnishing sector too, while at the same time the companies operating in the sector started to play the design card. In order to develop the business on the back of new concepts and new ideas about production, it was decided to bring Enzo Fontanot into the company, and the Albini & Fontanot brand was born.

The turning-point

In the ‘70’s the company started a radical transformation to orientate itself towards the design and creation of “day-time staircases”, that is to say, staircases which are in full view, so mapping out a new conception of staircases as an integral part of the furnishings in a given space.


The ‘80’s.These were the years that saw the company grow in scale from a group of artisans to an industrial organisation. However, it was also the era of the standardisation of staircase products, thanks to the elaboration of a modular system which allowed the aggregation of many standard elements. Tradition and innovation merge to make the Albini & Fontanot company the promoter of new design solutions and of important objectives, and this meant a complete redesign of the product and a total reorganisation of the company functions.

“Made-to-measure” do-it-yourself

Since the early 1990’s Albini & Fontanot has shown itself to be strongly identified with the future. From that moment, the company grew in importance in the market of the sector, becoming leader and strengthening its presence in foreign markets. The idea of creating a staircase product in kit form was born; it was to be easy and quick to assemble, perfectly designed, well-fitted, and with an excellent relationship between quality and price.

Today Albini & Fontanot is a leading company in International Industrial Design, “creator” of staircases for interiors which are the result of a “symbiosis” between planning and production, an intersect of the naturalness of simple things and of the ingenuity of quality products.