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Cantilevered Staircase Fontanot Wall

The Fontanot Wall blends into any environment with discretion, refinement and elegance. The Fontanot Wall has cantilevered steps which are made from solid beech, available in the following colours; dark havana, bleached, dove gray, light and dark. Their particular internal structure allows fixation to the vertical wall, thus facilitating the insertion into any decor.


Like for any floating staircase, it is highly recommended that you have a technician check that the wall is load-bearing and suitable to support the load of the treads (please refer to the data sheet available at Download data sheet).
It is also highly advisable to fit a railing.


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Fontanot Wall - Cantilevered Staircase

For those that love combining design and functionality in a minimalist and always modern style, the WALL kits are an excellent solution for linear configurations with or without floor opening and with personalisable height.

The materials: tread Wall is made of Solid Beech 100%.

Installation: The sequence of steps cantilevered Wall allows the realization of rectilinear configurations with or without hole in ceiling and in the presence of loft with variable heights according to needs.

Wall with floor opening
Wall without floor opening

Like for any floating staircase, it is warmly recommended to have a technician check that the wall is load-bearing and suitable to support the load of the treads (please refer to the data sheet available at Download data sheet). AIt is also highly advisable to fit a railing.

Seals (indicated in blue) are provided in the kit to be inserted between the treads and the steel structure in order to prevent vibration and noise from being transmitted from the tread to the wall when going up and down the stairs.
Exploded treads Wall

The table below shows some wall materials compatible with Wall.

wall materials compatible with Wall

The resistance of the steps is experimentally tested in reference to the standards Eurocode EN 1991-1-1:2002 for civil buildings of category A Appendix A of the norm CEN/TS 15680:2007
Use Internal
Measures Tread Width: 80 - 90 cm - Tread Depth: 30 cm - Tread Thickness: 8,5 cm
Finishing Steel painted white
Material Steel and solid beech 100%
Wood's Essences Solid beech 100%
Wood colors Dark Havana, bleached, dove-grey, light and dark
Metal Color White RAL 9010
Baluster Not included, purchase separately

Do I need to comply with building regulations?

All spiral staircases whether new or replacement need to comply with the UK building regulations - there are also special requirements for Spiral Stairs and Space Saver stairs which are detailed in BS5395-2, the British Standard which applies to staircases of this type, BS5395-2 is referred to in building regulations as the general standard for spiral staircases and helical stairs. 

Spiral Staircase Dimensions under Building Regs BS5395-2

One aspect of UK building regulations is that it refers to British Standard BS5395-2 for most aspects of spiral staircase dimensions. 

Generally the two key tread dimensions are: 
Clear tread width - measured between the INSIDE of the handrail and the centre column - this should be a MINIMUM of 600mm
Tread riser height - this should be a MAXIMUM of 220mm to meet UK building regulations. Generally if you divide the total finished floor to finished floor height of your room (NOT floor to ceiling!) by 220mm this will give you the minimum number of risers in your staircase to meet building regs. If the result is not a whole number then you need to adjust to the next whole number above - e.g. if the result is 13.5 risers, you actually need 14 risers.
Please note most spiral staircases with height adjustment will have a quoted range of adjustment up to 230mm per riser - if you need to use a riser height above 220mm for any reason then we suggest you first contact your building control department for clearance.

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