£ 36.67
£ 22,00

Modern coat hangers for wooden open staircases; if near to the entrance hallway they become extremely useful as hanging space for bags, jackets, hats and overcoats.

£ 46.67
£ 28,00

To save space and gain in design, Timel-Y is a convenient and elegant felt catchall that can be fixed to the staircase frame.

£ 46.67
£ 28,00

Modern, unusual plexiglass shelves for spiral stairs. The treads of your stair become supports where you can create an unusual library with modern design shelves.

£ 203.33
£ 122,00

The Space-Y storage container even makes your understairs area a useful part of the house, thanks to this new furnishing and design element.

£ 89,00

Primarily designed to protect our children, above all for the decoration of the home. Kalypto is the first gate that meets the recently-revised safety standards for products designed for children.